Embassy of Portugal in Mozambique

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Message from the Ambassador

SEXA Embaixador JAD


I welcome everyone that wishes to visit the web page of the Portuguese Embassy in Maputo.

My team and I will always be available, and committed to help those who decide to come to us in the spirit of strengthening the relationships between Portugal and Mozambique and aiming to promote mutual knowledge and common interests.  

This is, and always has been, the main goal of the Portuguese Embassy in Maputo.

Interestingly enough, this goal is a permanent one, since it will never be completely fulfilled. It will always be possible to strengthen the relationships between both countries, as well as to enrich the knowledge that Portuguese and Mozambican people have of each other.

It is therefore hardly surprising that in every program of each constitutional Portuguese Government, since the independence of Mozambique, in June 25th 1975, this country has been one of the priorities of the Portuguese foreign policy, explicitly or implicitly. As a result, Portugal has repeatedly maintained a solid position regarding its commitment to further develop the relationship with Mozambique.

Portuguese civil society itself has proved to be one of the most significant donors since Mozambique became independent, either through the development of public assistance or through numerous NGO’s and individual projects. Both during the 16 year civil war and after the General Peace Agreement of 1994, Portuguese people remained committed to the effort of developing this country, opting to invest in Mozambique, creating jobs and thereby promoting the growth of the Mozambican economy.

Currently, and despite the fact that we are only 23 000 residents in the country, the Portuguese community is the largest foreign employer in Mozambique, it is established in all areas of the economy, it continues to invest, train and create jobs in Mozambique and for Mozambicans, meeting common interests in a spirit of partnership.

Furthermore, Mozambican writers and creative artists find in Portugal the most devoted art lovers, the most curious readers and the most enthusiastic audiences, supporting institutions and companies.

Portugal has taken the unquestionable role of launching point for the internationalization of many Mozambican artists, through their public recognition and publication of their books. For instance, in 2013 alone, four Mozambican writers were awarded by the Portuguese Government.

Thus and taking account of the increasingly dynamic partnerships between the Portuguese and Mozambican Governments, and also among players from both countries civil societies, the Portuguese Embassy in Maputo will spare no efforts to:

Strengthen the relationship between the Portuguese and Mozambican authorities, encouraging the exchange of bilateral visits and the signature of legal instruments of interest for both sovereign states;

Promote and enhance Portuguese citizens and entities in the eyes of all Mozambican people;

Promote and enhance Mozambican citizens and entities in the eyes of all Portuguese people;

Promote Mozambique international reputation in a spirit of friendship and mutual respect;

Encourage Portuguese and Mozambican citizens and companies to create partnerships, always taking into account shared interests and mutual advantages, within the framework of Mozambican law and its strict implementation.

In my view, much has been accomplished but much still remains to be done. With great enthusiasm and determination, the Portuguese Embassy will continue, as always, to contribute to a more dynamic, fair and supportive relationship with Mozambique, bearing in mind the best interests of both countries.